Steering Committee

Tanya Ta is an Academic Foundation Doctor in ENT. at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital and an Honorary Tutor at Norwich Medical School, the University of East Anglia. She was awarded Distinction for her Degree of Master of Clinical Research (MRes) in Otolaryngology. Tanya has a strong interest in Medical Education and Innovations.


Nawal Nasir – a  final year medical student who is currently undertaking her
Master’s in Clinical Education at Norwich Medical School. She has a special interest in Haematology and Neurology. 


Jilse Joshy
– a fourth year medical student with a special interest in Medical Education.

Lauren Packard – a medical student who currently undertaking her Masters of Science in Genetics. She has a special interest in oncology and paediatrics.

Undergraduate working committee

Nawal Nasir, Jilse Joshy, Lauren Packard, Marzana Khan, Tahrima Koar

Postgraduate working committee

Dr Tanya Ta – Academic Foundation Doctorat Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital


Dr Michelle Drolet – O&G SpR Doctor at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
Dr Joeseph Beecham – Radiology ST Doctor  at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital


Dr Francesca Li – an Academic Foundation Programme doctor with the Degree of Master of Clinical Research (MRes)  with interests in Older People’s Medicine and Medical Education


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